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Maui Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking to volunteer and give back to your community? Contact us below with your name, qualifications, which program you would like to volunteer for & why you are interested. Mahalo for your support.


Maui Volunteer Work Needed:

Hale Pono Youth Shelter:

What we need help with:

  • Assist shelter staff in supporting youth with 
    • daily tasks
    • recreational and educational activities
    • Meal preparation
    • schoolwork
  • Transportation of youth to activities
  • Lead activities based on volunteer’s expertise
  • Front desk Reception
    • Greet and assist Incoming calls and visitors
    • Coordinate resources for youth (set appointments, etc.)

When & Where needed (Scheduling)

  • 24/7 possibilities, since shelter is always open
Hale Pono Logo (transparent)
maui volunteer

Maluhia Mediation

*Mediators Needed*

What we need help with:

  • Conduct mediation sessions (solo or with a co-mediator) to help disputants resolve conflicts using the NVC mediation process
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Testimonials and feedback

Training & Other Requirements

  • Complete NVC meditation basics training
  • Attend NVC mediation practice groups
  • Get certified by TJYF staff
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Sustainability in Maui

What we are working on:

Our mission is to have sustainability in Maui, in our schools, community and world by promoting Restorative Practices, Nonviolent Communication and healthy environmental practices. Through our programs we can promote and create sustainability in Maui and the world.

  • Sustainable Agriculture/Landscaping
  • Research Support
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Watershed Management 
  • Kēōkea Eco Village

To find out more about what sustainability projects we are working on click here.

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NVC NextGen & School Programs

What we need help with:

  • Provide logistical support for TJYF trainers as they deliver programs in our Maui schools
  • Assistance with administrative support
  • Assistance with marketing 
  • Assistance with materials (TA – Teacher’s Assistant

To find out more about Nonviolent Communication click here.

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Restorative Justice

What we need help with:

  • Promoting our Restorative Justice offerings to the community
  • Testifying for legislative action and assisting in creating legislation to promote restorative justice

To find out more about the restorative justice center click here.

maui volunteer

Youth Maui Volunteer Opportunities

What we need help with:

  • Assist at TJYF events and activities
    • Provide logistical support in preparation for events and activities
    • Promote events through peer and social networks
  • Lead or co-lead parts of events/activities with guidance & support of TJYF Staff
  • Provide Peer Mentorship and support other youth in growth and development
  • Admin/Office assistance

Research Support

What we need help with:

  • Research on topics of mutual interest to the volunteer and TJYF’s needs and provide reporting/results to TJYF
  • Areas of research:
    • Restorative Justice
    • Restorative school topics (see elements)
    • Mediation market
    • Grant opportunities
    • Sustainable/Environmental community topics
    • Assessing effectiveness of TJYF programs

Event Assistance

What we need help with:

  • Gather / purchase needed items for events
  • Assist in promotional efforts (e.g. social media marketing)
  • Provide logistical support at physical events (register participants, set up room, manage materials, etc.)



If you are interested in volunteering for our foundation please message us at or (808) 866-0833 with your name, which program  & why you are interested.