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Climate Change

Our Mission

The Teran James Young Foundation (TJYF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working on all solutions that can help reverse our climate change issue, including sea level rise and green building as well as looking at carbon drawdown techniques of all kinds.

Climate Change

More Info

We work to support the electrification of all fossil fuel-powered equipment, including landscaping equipment, cars and trucks and so on to help climate change We are looking at ways to help have sustainable hiking and sustainable use of the land in our island.

Our Focus

We work on a green building committee, sea level rise committee, EV and energy committee, sustainable tourism committee, sustainable building materials, and climate action advisory committee.

We need to move to electric vehicles, sustainable landscaping equipment and biodiesel (when electric vehicles are not available).

Climate Change

Get Involved

Contact us at or (808)866-0833 for more information on how to get involved!