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Sustainability in Maui

Our Mission

Our mission is to have sustainability in Maui, in our schools, community and world by promoting Restorative Practices, Nonviolent Communication and healthy environmental practices. Through our programs we can promote and create sustainability in Maui and the world.


Our founders have a passion for creating sustainability in Maui and in the world. Through the various programs we offer we are able to help make actual change in legislation and sustainability on Maui. The Teran James Young Foundation (TJYF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit established here on Maui.


 Sustainability in Maui Programs:


Kē ō Kea Eco Village


Creating designing and ultimately managing a sustainability eco village.

We need to find solutions for our houseless to sustain our world as it costs less to help them by giving them houses than just paying for their medical costs and so this is a sustainable way to help them and help our economy and our medical system.

*Picture is example of what an eco village could look like*

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Sustainable Tourism

We are working on sustainable tourism and addressing over tourism as this is a local and international problem. We’re trying to find ways to have quality over quantity tourism and educate the tourists so they have less impact. Our reefs are dying and we have been working supporting reef safe sunscreens only and reducing general tourism impact. Learn more about the Mālama ‘Aina pledge here.

We are suffering from overcrowding on our beaches, roads and in our community. This overcrowding is impacting quality of life for both residents and tourists alike. We need to create sustainable solutions.
sustainability in maui

Watershed Management

Protect and regenerate our wetlands – manage our watersheds. Sustainable watershed management.

It is important to preserve, restore and regenerate our wetlands as the loss of our wetlands is killing our oceans here in Maui. Abnormally, water that comes down off the mountains is being fast tracked through concrete channels instead of into wetlands. The sludge and pollutants in the water goes straight into the ocean polluting it and ultimately killing the reefs. We must regenerate and protect our wetlands and manage our watershed from Mauka to Makai.

sustainability in maui

Sustainable Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture and sustainable food supply.

We must look into regenerative agriculture and growing our food locally to be sustainable. Right now we depend on the mainland for 90% of our food when instead we could grow it all ourselves. If we use regenerative agriculture throughout the world it would be a complete solution to climate change as it would sequester the carbon.

sustainability in maui

Climate Change

Action on climate change.

 We are working on all solutions that can help reverse our climate change issue, including sea level rise and green building as well as  looking at carbon drawdown techniques of all kinds. Specifically we work on a green building committee, sea level rise committee, EV and energy committee, sustainable tourism committee and climate action advisory committee. 

We need to move to electric vehicles, landscaping equipment and biodiesel (when electric vehicles are not available). We work to support electrification of all fossil fuel powered equipment, including landscaping equipment, cars and trucks and so on to help climate change We are looking at ways to help have sustainable hiking and sustainable use of the land in our island.

Lets create a more sustainable world.

We want to create sustainability in Maui and can use your support.

 If you would like to volunteer or get involved in any of the programs listed above please contact us. 

Want to get involved?

Contact us at 808 866 0833