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Sustainable Tourism


We are suffering from overcrowding on our beaches, roads, and in our community. This overcrowding is impacting the quality of life for both residents and tourists alike. We need to create sustainable solutions.


The Teran James Young Foundation (TJYF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working on creating sustainable tourism solutions in Hawaii. 

Wearing reef-safe sunscreen, educating tourists on sustainability, and limiting the number of local site visits will help improve the natural environment and preserve the land.

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Quality Over Quantity

We’re trying to find ways to have quality over quantity tourism and educate tourists so they have less negative impact in the islands. Our reefs are dying and we have been working on supporting reef-safe sunscreens only and reducing the general tourism impact.


Get Involved

Contact us at or (808)866-0833 for more information on how to get involved!