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Peace and Sustainability

We are the Teran James Young Foundation (TJYF) a 501 (c)3 nonprofit established here on Maui.

Our mission is to have peace and sustainability in our schools, community and world by promoting Restorative Practices, Nonviolent Communication and healthy environmental practices.
peace and sustainability

The programs of the Teran James Young Foundation work in tandem to bring about peace and sustainability,  helping Maui’s youth to thrive and develop into effective and compassionate leaders through NVCnextgen and Hale Pono, aiding our community in peaceful conflict resolution with Maluhia Mediation, and endeavoring to move away from our current punitive justice system toward a more compassionate, integrative one through our Restorative Justice Center.

To learn more about each of our programs, please visit their respective websites above.


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Peace and sustainability are critical to the well-being of Maui and its residents. Maui is a beautiful island with a unique and fragile ecosystem that is home to many plant and animal species. However, it faces a range of environmental and social challenges that threaten its long-term sustainability and the well-being of its people. From climate change and natural disasters to over-development and resource depletion, these challenges require immediate action to create a more sustainable and resilient Maui. 

At the same time, fostering a culture of peace and collaboration is vital to building strong and healthy communities that support the needs and aspirations of all. By promoting peace and sustainability in Maui, we can help ensure a better future for ourselves, our children, and future generations, while preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this remarkable island.

Mahalo for supporting peace and sustainability!