Now Accepting Registrations for our 2021

Sustainable and Regenerative Tourism Summit Maui

September 20-21 on Zoom

Whales in Maui - Sustainable and Regenerative Tourism Summit Maui

Conference Details 2021 Sustainable and Regenerative Tourism Summit Maui

We all know the issues and need to come together for collaborative and concrete solutions for our home here in Maui County.

We have the wisdom from knowledge and experience here in this county.

We will discuss solutions sharing our existing solutions and collaborate to have sustainable and regenerative tourism for all of our needs.

We will build on the existing sustainable and regenerative information and solutions to find answers to the over tourism that we are all experiencing.

It is a necessity and to the advantage of everyone to have a vigorous tourist industry with quality over quantity that gives the visitors an excellent experience and improves and respects the local community, environment and culture.

Our summit will be discussion based with some presentations and panels and many breakout rooms to share our wisdom and come together.

This summit is the beginning of a hoped-for broad collaboration and ongoing task force that can meet regularly to work with our solutions and work for implementation and to dissolve obstacles.

We come together at a time when the very sustainability of our civilization and peace in our world is in jeopardy, so as to focus on actionable solutions, as our issues are current and urgent.

Mahalo for your interest and support.

Maui Sustainable Tourism Flyer 8.26.21