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Copy of Summer Conference 2022 Full Flyer

July 18-22, 2022

Screen Addiction & Restorative Practices in Schools

Topics include: Screen Addiction, Social media, & Internet Safety; Restorative Practices in Schools; Trauma Informed Approaches; Building School Relationships; Youth Resilience; Native Hawaiian Education Equity

Featuring guest speakers:

Trisha Prabhu – Innovator, Global Advocate in leading an anti-cyberbullying movement, & Inventor of ReThink, a technology movement to detect and stop online hate

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras – Psychologist, Speaker, Digital Addiction Expert, Author of best-selling book “Glow Kids”, and & Co-Founder/CEO of Maui Recovery in Kihei, HI

Leiʻohu Ryder – Hawaiian spiritual leader, visionary, singer/songwriter, & educator with a Master’s Degree in Education and Social Work with 25 years of teaching


Recurring Events

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